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revised artist statement

Revised Artist Statement
, colored pencil on paper, 9 x 12 in., 2010

I want to understand where wanting comes from. I’m interested in the machinery behind cultural imperatives that tell us to constantly fix ourselves. From Oprah to the Home Depot to extreme makeovers, we are bombarded by messages extolling renovation and reinvention. But when identity, desire and consumption become so entangled, what happens to our sense of what it means to be authentic?

My work investigates the complex and often invisible processes by which we construct personality—and how that differs from the persona we show the world. Using a vocabulary of materials drawn from the hardware store and self-help texts, I make objects and images that expose the flawed and the ridiculous—even as they aspire to seduce through color and surface.

I find value in the confusion of looking at something that has its own logic but that makes no sense. Sculptural pieces operate in an intuitive realm while drawings and photographs attempt to put language to the ideas embedded in those forms. The gap between the flat work and the sculptures highlights the failure of language to adequately articulate what is on display. Absurdity can be a relief.

© 2005–14 Daniel Nevers